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Data Conversion Services

We have 14 years of experience in converting data on thousands of different formats, so when you need to convert data to a different media or format we can help:

- Our list of backup drives are always increasing as manufacturers introduce and shelve products. See our supported formats.

- From a single ClarisWorks file that needs to be converted using our email service to Terrabytes of data supplied on 2000 ½" mainframe spool tapes or may be several AS/400 SAVLIB QIC cartridges, perhaps a 4mm Dat tape backed up with Retrospect on a MAC containing artwork archives need to be converted to optical or DLT for a quick restore - please give us the opportunity to quote and convert your data.

- Our partnerships with other specialist data conversion and recovery companies/consultants mean we should always be able to help you with any data problem.

- Archive your backups onto DVD or DLT - we can consolidate your data to allow you to restore and secure it more efficiently and reduce shelf space at the same time.

- Based in Chiswick, West London, UK.

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