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Data & Media Conversion Software

If you send us a brief description of your
requirement we can offer two options:

1. With over 14 years experience in data conversion we have built up a technical knowledgebase of products and suppliers that allows us to track down a particular package that will fit your requirement. In most cases this is a less expensive option but may lack some required specification.

2. Write a bespoke program that allows you to convert, copy, restore, manipulate or unpack your data. This can be written exactly to your specification and requirements.


- We can supply or rent the appropriate hardware for your conversion.

- Our hardware list of legacy tape drives is always increasing.

- Please see supported formats for a list of drives we can generally sell or offer for rental.

- Our partnerships with other specialist data conversion and recovery companies/consultants mean we should always be able to help you with any data problem.

- From converting mainframe Ebcdic tapes to archiving opticals, we can help.

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